The FreedomPop Experience!

FreedomPop may just be the greatest alternative to mobile plans of all time. The service is perfect for those on a budget. It provides cheap and reliable WiFi. Wait a minute, why WiFi and not mobile date? Well, the answer is simple with the over 10 million and counting hotspot to connect to through this service you won’t need data. These WiFi hotspots are a better alternative to Mobile data because they offer competitive network download and upload speeds. If any of this sounds interesting to you, go to your app store right now and look it up. It’s free to download and is a must have if you’re wanting something different.

FreedomPop is partnering up with multiple different companies to broaden their reach and to improve overall connectivity to those in need of it. One of the companies best partnerships is with WhatsApp Messanger. It gives you free unlimited WhatsApp messaging throughout 30 different countries. Freedom Pop is taking a step in all the right directions.

FreedomPop Review: FreedomPop is not for everybody. If your thinking about watching hundreds of Youtube videos with this free service, you should think again. You’re getting 500 megabytes to play with so if you’re just using your data to check emails and maybe check your other social media apps from time to time, you won’t run into any trouble. You have to keep in mind that it’s free. FreedomPop doesn’t just leave it at that. There are several other options that involve small payments to upgrade features. These options include $20 for unlimited talk text and data a month. There are several others listed on their website. FreedomPop also has options for buying a phone through them or bringing your own device. Both choices work great.

All in all, FreedomPop is the best choice if you’re on a budget and you’re looking for a great alternative. They are a growing business that has nowhere to go but a positive direction.