The sweet green restaurant is a symbol of quality food, and many emerging food restaurants would like to take after the Sweetgreen if not imitating it. Its high-end salad chain is so enticing and makes the customers keep visiting the restaurant.

The three investors in the business also are known as great people giving Sweetgreen the full combination as the top in healthy, fresh, organic and local meals. Sweetgreen is ever stormed with long queues of diners in all the forty points. Learn more about Nathaniel Ru:

In his statement, Nathaniel Ru who is one of the co-CEOs said that the Sweetgreen is focused on providing the best food to the population. The traditional chains have the advantage of learning more than just the food in the menus.

Sweetgreen enjoys 30% percent of their transaction done through a mobile app and the internet. In addition to the use of technology to improve their services, the three co-CEOs are also investing in improving the management strategies.

With the aim of maintaining a close relationship with the customers, the entire team including the corporate staff work joins together in five occasions in a year. At these occasions, the corporate staff always closes the corporate offices to mingle in the event.

The uniqueness of the Sweetgreen is that it operates without a head office. They are based on decentralization since the three co-CEOs are bi-coastal and are aiming at growing the restaurant nationally.

Nathaniel Ru

Nathaniel Ru studied at the Georgetown University together with the other two co-CEOs. They were all classmates in an entrepreneurship class. They had many things in common that attracted them together. Their parents were all in the first-generation immigration.

Secondly, their parents to the three co-CEOs were private business owners. They came along when they realized and believed that Georgetown had improper food and feeding options.

They were driven by this fact such that they decided to open up the Sweetgreen restaurant immediately they finished their course. The three told the Fortune that their success was dependent on whether they would make it through the winter as the schools ran empty during this period.

The three partners started the company Sweetlife and music and food festival. It has grown to become the region’s biggest attracting over 20000 people. High profile music and top quality food from the best of the chefs are figured during the event.

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