Securus Technologies are a company that is very well known in the United States of America. It is native to Dallas, Texas where it was established and headquartered decades ago in 1986. Securus Technologies are working in the industry of safety solutions as its primary sector. Over the course of recent years, however, the company has expanded its set of services and has entered the industry of inmate communication.


The kinds of services that Securus Technologies provides include monitoring services, software and more. The clients of Securus technologies are mostly businesses who wish to protect their offices and look after the integrity of the staff members. There are also correctional facilities that are taking advantage of the services of the giant Securus Technologies. Prisons and other types of correctional facilities have been very happy with the monitoring services and software provided by the company.


In terms of the company’s involvement in the inmate communication industry, Securus Technologies offers calls and video chats between family and friends and the incarcerated loved one. These kinds of services have become widely popular and are utilized by a rather high percentage. The industry of inmate communication is not as saturated as other industries as of yet.


Securus Technologies has been on the road to expansion for some time now and has reached new heights. The large company has made large investments geared towards the growth of the business. That includes acquisitions as well as the enhancement of already existing services. Securus Technologies has also ben working towards establishing new services for their clients. Lately monitoring services have extended their reach. They can also be used by families with large homes that need monitoring.


Securus Technologies has also won a number of awards. Most recognition has come from the clients of the company who have been leaving positive reviews.