Kenneth Goodgame is currently the Senior Vice President and Chief Merchandising Officer at the True Value, a company specializing in construction supplies and tools. His skills as marketing, retail and merchandising expert have enabled Kenneth to oversee global purchases totaling to over $2.2 billion since his joining the company.

He is currently responsible for True Value’s active inventory of worth over $320 million. Despite a clogged daily schedule, Goodgame finds the time to offer sound marketing advice to business owners via his self-titled website; Upon visiting the homepage, you will find his in-depth insights on consumer behavior and trends.

According to Crunchbase, Kenneth Goodgame sees himself as a particularly influential operations management leader who specializes in the creation of multibillion-dollar OEM (original equipment manufacturer) marketing initiatives. The University of Tennessee marketing graduate reveals how he goes about doing his job.

The secret, he says, lies in innovative marketing strategies and strict sustained financial oversight. To make any business plan work, Kenneth Goodgame insists that a balance between the zeal of the management to implement the strategy and the desired level of employee engagement must be struck.

His ability to capitalize on his leadership skills to promote business growth has enabled Kenneth Goodgame to achieve a lot in the course of his career. Goodgame started his career at Home Depot Atlanta in 1994.

By the year 2002 when he left the company, he was the Senior Global Product Merchant and had been involved in increasing sales by an additional $55 million. Kenneth went on to work for Newell Rubbermaid and by the time he left five years later 2007 he had overseen a $490 million sales growth in just over a period of 18 months.

While at Techtronic Industries North America, Goodgame had been involved in the opening of 30 stores in just two years and was also instrumental in the turnaround of a $75 million subsidiary, Baja Motorsports. During his tenure at Ace Hardware Corporation, Kenneth oversaw a 300% increase in new store openings as well as a $9 million to $180 million sales growth in the Craftsman brand.

Kenneth Goodgame has the skills and experience to suit his current position at True Value as Senior Vice President.

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  1. That is over 100 per cent of growth that Kenneth Goodgame records to his name and I can imagine how Craftsman brand will be glad. No wonder in they always consider all the gray areas and they know what it is all about. They know how to tick the right boxes and adding value changes all in terms of product marketing.

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