Technology, technology, technology. Everytime someone turns on the television, commercials of technology are on the screen. When you walk down the street, people have technology next to their ears. Even just by starting up your a computer, there is some form of technology powering it. The truth is that technology is running the world. This is the “Digital Age” and advanced technology is the name of the game. There are numerous technological gadgets and pieces of equipment that never get the exposure that due. These products/objects truly make a difference in the world because they enrich people’s lives for the better instead of just for entertainment purposes. There is a guy named Eric Pulier who has played a major role in this industry, but he still isn’t a household name. No problems for Mr. Pulier as he’s not it for the fame, but more so for the bettering of man-kind.

Pulier has done some amazing things in his lifetime that has made a huge difference in people’s lives. The guy can take a small ideas and turn it into a reality. This is the type of person he is and he has a great educational background to prove all claims. Pulier has founded many companies that dealt with the use of advanced technology. These companies are U.S Interactive, Digital Evolution, FLY, Akana Software, Service Mesh Inc, XPRIZE, Desktone Inc, Media Platform Inc, and many more. The guy literally eats, sleeps, and lives technology to some degree. Eric Pulier has attended the prestigious Harvard University as well as MIT. He’s worked for “The Harvard Crimson” Publication as a column writer and editor. The story goes on and on and gets better and better with time.

His ability to use and develop technology has helped him rise to the apex of the industry. Whatever industry you can think of, Pulier has probably already left his lasting imprint. In other words, the future looks very bright in this exclusive field and Eric Pulie will continue to achieve greatness on all levels and playing fields.