I always thought that Securus Technologies was just another inmate communications company like any other. I thought they supplied phones to jails so that people could talk to each other, but a friend of mine told me that Securus has been doing some great things for her and her family. My friend’s husband has been in jail for some time, and it has always been hard for her to keep the family strong. The children do not understand why they cannot see their father often, and she runs out of excuses.

T This is the reason the entire family seems to be so thankful to the Securus company that has given them an opportunity to be a little closer than they were before. Apparently, the company has been installing new forms of communication at some prisons. These forms of communication include smartphones, computers, and tablets.

This means that all those things that you might be able to do on your smart technology can now be done in prisons, too. The smart technology being installed can be used to share videos, email, and even book live video chats. These video chats are being referred to as video visitations.

I was little taken aback by the idea at first. I thought the point was to visit the person and be physically there, but my friend told me it is not only about that. She said that one problem regarding the entire situation is how much her husband is missing. He misses Christmas, birthdays, and other little family events. It seems that recording videos and having video chats is going to give this family an opportunity to truly share their lives a little more.

The introduction of this technology worked perfectly, though they thought there was going to be an adjustment period or that they would hit a few glitches, but that did not happen. They used the technology, and it worked like a charm so far. The kids are very excited to communicate with their father more often. Securus Technologies has definitely changed the lives of this family and made me see the company through different eyes.

Securus Video Visitation – Kids from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

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