The Manse on Marsh is tops when it comes to quality assisted living. The offer a quality way of life with a comprehensive care plan for each resident. The care plan is set up by the doctor and the nurse on the case. The family has a say and so does the resident. Each one of these individuals can help the resident to adjust and live a happy life in San Luis Obispo California.

Different websites such as a Place for mom is out to help families find the best possible situation for family members. The Manse on Marsh offers one of the best facilities with the most gorgeous of flats and apartments available. The facility is ready to offer placement to any senior in the area provided they can meet a few guidelines. One of the guidelines is the ability to live in an apartment alone. The staff at the facility checks on the residents at the Marsh but they do not spend 24/7 making sure the resident follows their protocol.

Family members are going to love the Manse On Marsh facility because of the elegance and style of the building and programs, and that’s right from the testimonials. The family is able to come in and take a tour. If a family member comes to live at the Manse the staff will need to make sure that the resident has all the supplies they need to live comfortably. A bed and dresser are the first things to make a home comfortable. Other things they make sure the flat or apartment has is table and chair. Each resident has the right and the ability to dress up their room any way they like. The Manse on Marsh is preferred over many other facilities in the California area. It has won several awards and will remain on top because they do what they need to do to remain there. The manse is going to be a happy place for anyone to live and families should put it on the list when looking for a home for mom.

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  1. Each person goes through testing to make sure that the resident is able to bath, dress and take their own medications safely. The care plan will set up a staff member to assist where the resident needs assist. It also makes them to do what reviews can for all these ones to know what is very important too.

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