Having your personal computer hacked is upsetting enough. Your left wondering who you offended enough to deserve the suffering you were subjected to. Was your personal high-jacked? Will someone now loot your bank accounts or use your credit card information to run up a huge bill? Can you even continue using your only computer with any confidence? It’s as bad as thieves breaking into your home. You never feel completely comfortable again unless you use Rubica as personal cyber security. Imagine how much worse this is when it’s directed at a company with personal data on millions of customers and employees.


Cyber hacks are responsible for $400-500 billion in business losses between 2013 and 2015. By the year 2021 those losses as estimated to reach $6 trillion. The reality of using cyber technology for medical devices and to drive cars makes it extremely important to put an end to cyber hacks. The resulting destruction when those hacks are directed toward such important devices could end in massive loss of life. We will not be as concerned with dollars lost when we start seeing deaths as a result of cyber hacking.


The cyber hacks are becoming increasingly more intrusive. Our government is subject to hacks. The White House was recently hacked by Twitter trolls and last year, Hilary Clinton’s campaign was tormented by the release of her emails by WikiLeaks. You may not be running for president, but if you have data you don’t want others to have access to, consider Rubica as your personal cyber security. It prevents hacks, the number one security risk in any home.


Everywhere you look, businesses and individuals are increasing their cyber security budgets to provide protection against hacks. Obama proposed a $19 billion budget to cover the costs of cyber security for our government. Donald Trump signed executive orders to increase cyber security around federal information technology networks.


You may be simply protecting your household and not a government, but it’s still imperative to employ personal cyber security. Protect your data and important personal information. Prevent identity theft and the destruction of your computer equipment. Just download Rubica to your devices, computer, Smartphone, and tablet and it will provide you with all the protection you’ll ever need.