The name George Soros has almost become synonymous with philanthropy in the area of justice and equality around the globe. Some quarters have estimated that Soros has donated over ten billion dollars to individuals and organizations involved in human rights, civil and migrant rights. His funding has been instrumental in advocating for change in governments and societies at large. In the developing world, Soros funding has allowed civil groups to push for policy change, and promotion of social justice and equality which is was previously elusive.Through financial support from Soros, organizations have been able to advocate for mainstreaming of gender and other discriminated groups like sex workers. To an extent, this has facilitated promotion of cohesive societies in different areas in the world where peace and justice were far from the reality.

One thing about George Soros is his interest and active participation in advocacy and strengthening of organizations. In fact, he has traveled to many areas to take part in various initiatives. His presence has also been a motivation for groups and individuals to continue their push for change. This has been crucial in the emergence and sustainability of grass root organizations. Some of the groups have grown into global entities bringing change to diverse geographical and socio-political areas.George Soros’ interest in universal human rights may have stemmed from his background. Born of Jewish descent in Hungary, he witnessed various challenges experienced during the occupation by Nazi Germany. His parents changed their surname to Soros to survive the harassment by the Nazi. He migrated to England where he attended the London School of Economics.

After working as a porter and waiter in London, he moved to the United States. His dream to work in finance came to pass as he worked his way through the ranks to become a vice president and investment fund manager.By 1970, he had become an accomplished investment manager in the United States. He established the Soros Fund Management and further made a fortune from the hedge fund. He gradually began to donate funds to various individuals and entities with the aim of enhancing their quality of life and activities towards an equitable society. The funding involved scholarships for students particularly for students from South Africa which at the time was experiencing Apartheid. By the 1980s, he had become increasingly involved in facilitating a healthy exchange of ideas between European countries as well as with the West. His funding programs are mainly channeled through Open Society organization. Although he may not have personally been involved in pushing for change in some areas, George Soros through his funding is an epitome of what contribution corporates and wealthy individuals can make in advocating for a just and equitable society.

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