The Williamson County Growth Summit held a panel discussion last year on the issue of the traffic in the suburban areas of the city. There were many talks and presentations that took place on the day that discussed the way technology has changed the transportation industry today, not just in the Austin area but around the world.

Some of the top industry experts were invited to speak at the summit. Some of the top ones who took an active part in the discussions were Mike Heiligenstein, Jared Ficklin, Leandre Johns and Joseph Kosper.

While some were of the view to build an aerial gondola system, other disagreed. Mike Heiligenstein proposed the creation of better and technology advanced roads that are in coordination with the ride-sharing apps and driverless vehicles. His views and proposals gathered loud applause from the crowds.

He also praised the work of Williamson County for its work in the transportation system; he also mentioned that a lot is yet to be done because of the increase in the population in the area in the coming years.

Jared Ficklin urged the policymakers to lay out flexible land use and building codes that are able to accommodate the future transportation needs in the area. He also emphasized that the region should be prepared for an increase in the number of buses as well as better roads to prepare for the future.

According to Biz Journals, Mike Heiligenstein is known for its work in the betterment of the infrastructure in Central Texas area. He is the head of the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority.

The company is a government agency but operates autonomously and takes independent decisions on the infrastructural needs of Central Texas. Started in 2002, the company designs modern transportation network for the area. Learn more about Mike Heiligenstein:

It’s his aim not just to improve transportation choices for the people but improve the vitality of such decisions to increase the quality of life in these counties.

He also stresses on the fact that roads are not just for the vehicles, but for bicycles and pedestrians. He advocates the development of bicycle and pedestrian facilities wherever feasible.

Mike Heiligenstein has been a public official for more than thirty years. He was a Round Rock City Council Member for a few years, after which he became the Williamson County Commissioner.

He has overlooked a number of transportation projects including the Brushy Creek Regional Trail. He is also an excellent speaker and is called upon to speak at many transportation conferences and summits around the globe.