Most people enjoy the wild as a hobby, but few venture into the adventure world as a career. Mark Hutchinson is among the few people whose passion for the wild led him to establish a successful career.



Mark developed a passion for the wild at a young age. At the age of 19, Mark went on adventurous travel in Africa. His adventurous travels inspired him to launch a Company at 22 years. Mark has had an adventurous life growing up in different places. Learn more:



Mark launched his adventure Company soon after enrolling at the University of Sydney. Mark pursued a Bachelor of Economics degree. His first Company was the UNTAMED. The mission of UNTAMED was to offer travel opportunities to all the adventurous people.



In 2005, Mark achieved one of his dreams of becoming a guide in Africa. He completed his EcoTraining studies in South Africa in that year. During his studies in South Africa, Mark met his partner Anton Lategan owner of the EcoTraining.



Three years later, Mark moved back to Australia and later in 2010; he expanded the UNTAMED Company to the Avana Company. The Company offered the ecotourism and training. Avana became part of a public Company, but despite the foundation of the Company, Avana failed to take off. The failure of Avana was a disappointment; however, Mark did not let that deter him. He went back to his true passion; the wild. Mark launched the Wild Ark Company in 2016 to protect the biodiversity and connect people to nature. The Company has received great success in the last one year. They secured their first conservancy in South Africa in 2017. The Company will be working at the Kruger Region building havens for the protection of the species. Learn more:



Mark Hutchinson holds a Master of Business Administration. He is currently pursuing a Master degree in Conservation. Mark seeks to gain knowledge in conversation.



Mark loves the wild and looks for ways to connect to with nature every day. He has also chosen to raise his family in connection with the wild while keeping a conservative connection with the urban areas. Learn more: