Founder and leader of IDLife Logan Stout is a multifaceted individual with interests in leadership training, writing, public speaking, philanthropy, and entrepreneurship.

He is highly appreciative of the journey he took to start his current company IDLife and stated that if could do it again he would indulge more in forging closer relationships with people and enjoying the journey. His vast experiences make him a skilled public speaker, and he reveals that he has been on hundreds of platforms.

IDLife began operating on May 14th and has the input of celebrity trainer Jen Widerstrom, Troy Aikman as a partner and billionaire Darwin Deason. The incredible work, they and firm’s multi-tier team, generate afforded IDLife a mention on the 100 Solid Top MLM Companies list which comprises of companies from around the globe.


Logan’s idea to start IDLife stemmed from a brief meeting with a stranger who directed him to his current business partner, a doctor. Logan got introduced to a customized vitamin which was highly nutritious and free of any GMO, soy, or gluten. The idea struck Logan as genius, and he picked it up to create the IDNutrition program.

Logan Stout understands the rising need among Millennials to look and feel young and states that he shares the same mentality as his age group. Before starting IDLife, he had a strong desire to be part of something clean and healthy by investing in a health company. The idea of customized vitamins found him at a suitable moment, and he has no regrets in redirecting his vision. Logan has managed to grow the firm successfully by including his team in every brainstorming session his company sets up. He stated that they all pick the best way forward and build on the idea to manifest bigger results.

Logan’s journey began as an uphill battle that he overcame with great tenacity. It is from his early experiences that he understood the importance of having expert professionals and partners in the business. After joining the team with a partner who eventually delivered less on their prospects, he became keen and scrutinized staff and partners more to ensure that the business stays on course. He advises entrepreneurs to be open to taking risks, learn from failures and put ambition before money.

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