Many people desire success in life but the reality is that there is lack of the required impetus which is much needed to scale the heights of greatness. Real progress requires a resolute mindset which takes no rest until great results get realized. Logan Stout is one good example of how success gets achieved by employing a clear mindset towards success. His success story began in Richardson, Texas at J.J. Pierce High school where he got recognized for various achievements. Notable in the list of his numerous successes in high school was his recognition as a top student and also as the Most Valuable Player in basketball. Learn more at about Logan Stout

Stout’s commitment to excellence extended beyond high school life all the way to participating in 17 World series sporting events as a coach or player. As he excelled in sports, he also succeeded academically by earning a psychology and business degree from University of Dallas and Panola respectively. He possesses a fantastic character, for example, while at Dallas Baptist University as a coach, he served in the youth ministry thus giving hope to many young people. His interest in mentorship is beyond doubt as noted in his mission to motivate young players who are facing difficulties in their sporting endeavors. His commitment to nurturing the youth made him establish a world-class baseball organization known as The Dallas Patriots. Visit Baseball Reference for more info.

Stout’s journey to all-round success and improving lives made him in 2014 to establish ID Life, a business dealing with healthcare. The healthcare business was in line with his philosophy of success which according to him should cater for the health of the soul, body, and mind. ID Life has employed unique ways of doing business different from other companies. They offer a free assessment to its clients, making the most suitable recommendations instead of just merchandising and leaving them bombarded with a whole catalog of products.

Stout’s generosity of counsel, motivational talks, ideas, and resources is evident  in his educative endeavors as shared in his book on how to build the self, other people and teams. His efforts have gotten recognized in publications, journal articles, and interviews. He also believes in raising good families by his notable commitment to his wife, children and above all his gratitude to God for all his achievements. Watch out this video: