Fairy tale mythology plays a key part in the work of Lime Crime founder Doe Deere as her own personal style brings in aspects of the Russian folklore she was brought up with as a young person; Doe Deere grew up in Russia before moving to the U.S. and training in fashion in New York City where she learned to mold her own unique style and combine the clothing and cosmetics that made her happy as an individual. Since establishing the Lime Crime brand the work completed by Doe Deere has taken many different forms and led to major changes taking place in the fashion industry based on her own business and personal style choices.

Doe Deere is not a business leader or human being who is happy to follow the trends we are commonly told are the best options for us as, but will instead seek out the best possible options for making herself and her loyal band of social media followers as happy as possible. The cosmetics produced by Lime Crime were initially developed after Doe found it difficult to source makeup that would reflect her own style and the marketing options she wished to undertake for what was originally a clothing line.

In developing her own line of cosmetics the aim of Doe Deere has been to create a sense of freedom for both herself and those who choose to purchase these products. Being allowed to express herself freely remains important to Doe Deere as she explains her own impression of fashion comes from more than simply cosmetics, clothes, or hair, but is instead based on developing an all round approach to fashion that includes all of these factors that make a difference to the confidence level of any individual.

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One thing that strikes any viewer when looking at the career of Doe Deere is the fact she seems to have developed her own sense of style and self confidence that have allowed her to find new ways of exploring the fashion industry. Doe Deere was told it was impossible to sell cosmetics Online and proved the so-called experts wrong before also developing new ways of getting samples to customers; the lipstick swatch has now become a fashion industry standard that continues to be added to the lines developed by the traditionally important cosmetics companies around the world.

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