Many would prefer to forget the visit to a hospital because in most cases they are not good memories for anyone, and Red d’Or is attempting to change that with their Copa Star hospital center in Copacabana. More than a hospital, this place looks like a 5-star hotel, and the way in which customers and patients are taking it in, it is bound to be a success first in the region, and then all over Brazil.

Several surveys suggest that hospitals along with cemeteries are some of the places that people find less pleasant to visit, and who could blame them? Often a visit to the hospital leaves us feeling unpleasant and worried, not to mention hypochondriac sometimes! Visit their profile page on Facebook.Com

Changing The Game of Hospital Centers

That situation changes when you talk about some of the most luxurious hospitals in Latin America, where they give the impression of being in a 5-star hotel, due to the level of comfort they provide to their patients, family, and visitors. It has absolutely nothing to do with any experiences people have lived in the past. The concept is innovative at first, but a real revelation when looking closer.

Its modern architecture and the way the halls and the whole Copa Star hospital is decorated will give a sense of being anywhere but a hospital. In terms of medical equipment, it is no different: The most modern machines and medical equipment such as intelligent operating rooms, neurosurgery rooms with integrated magnetic resonance equipment, robotic medicine and telemedicine, hybrid rooms, and everything it needs to be an innovative initiative in Latin America, and that will leave the Copa Star hotel’s reputation to the roof, and not only because it is “pretty”, but because it is one of a complete hospitals, ready to compete in services and quality with any hospital in the world.

Making It to The Top

As if it were a hotel, the hospital’s aim is to have people talking about its “quiet elegance,” listing amenities such as patient concierges, private dining rooms, high-end toiletries and great patient and visitor services, to have no need to remember what being in a hospital is like. It will be rather more of a holiday to whoever is staying there, and a nice visit to a friend or relative when going over. In the end, it is all about comfort, and there is no comfort like the one red D’Or, through the new concept of Copa Star Healthcare Centers can offer better. And not to mention, to be taken care of by the best hands in the country. It’s a done deal, is it not? Just the best, in the best place possible.

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