Julia Jackson has always had an interest in wine for the longest time she can remember. While this may sound ironical since she has grown with vines and wine all around her from the family business they own, hers is an exceptional love for wine. She has always been interested in the whole process from a very young age, which makes her stand out in the family owned company. It could also be the reason that earned her the proprietor’s position at the family business.

Julia is the youngest daughter of the wine company founder Jess Jackson. She has always been passionate about wine making and has fond memories of picking grapes as a small girl. Her parents had been in the wine business long before she was born.

Julia emphasizes that the Jackson Family Wines will continue to excel because of their focus and deliberate choice to stick with what made their father successful as opposed to joining the new trend of next generation wine makers. She says that the company is not going to follow specific trends for pleasing a particular group, but rather it will stick with the long-term goal of maintaining quality wine production, which she says, is a lot of hard work.


Julia Jackson founded the Cambria Seeds of Empowerment as a way of celebrating women warriors. She looks up to her mother, who she explains to be the brainiest person she knows and role model who runs their family business so well. This program is meant to celebrate women that have overcome difficulties and still manage to excel thus serve as an inspiration to others. It gives 100,000 dollars in awards every year as grants to nonprofits especially for the organizations that embrace its pillars of community, equality, and spirit. This initiative celebrates women leaders and was started because Julia felt the vacuum of empowerment of women in the society. View Julia’s full profile at LinkedIn.