According to a recent article about reputation management, found on, amplifying your name to improve your online awareness should be a must-do resolution for 2017. Why is this so critical to your strategic mission? Because in the aftermath of losing a bitter fight to bitter rivals, and salty customers, you could be left with an online reputation that’s unfairly negative. If your good name isn’t on your radar, you may lose more than a few sales.

How Google Can Fix Your Problem

Anyone in business knows, Google has become central to buying behaviors. The typical consumer will use Google’s search engine to learn more about the company before buying a product. What used to be all about selling is now more about the informed buyer, and your reputation is the ultimate decision-maker. However, many businesses grossly underestimate the impact of a glowing online reputation before its too late. If you’re ignoring reality, you won’t get too far from suffering the consequences. With more than a billion business websites available, it’s crucial to get on Google’s good side, and that means climbing to page one. So where do you start? Build an optimized landing page.

One Of Your Most Important Starting Zones

An important aspect of any business is their landing page. According to, this page is where your current advertisements will send visitors. It’s the first impression visitors will get of your business, but it will also help the user to determine if they want to stay on your website or leave. Many entrepreneurs use the front page of their website as a landing page, however, it’s also a good idea to create a separate landing page created specifically for advertising campaigns. These can be easily updated, strategically formatted for evolving campaigns, and often switched to target reputation issues. If one landing page isn’t working out as you imagined, simply modify for a better presentation of your products or services, without interrupting your entire website.

As mentioned in that Forbes article, there are five ways you can improve your reputation, which includes reviewing your Google profiles, boosting your email etiquette, summarizing a detailed biography, a little social engineering, and overall amplifying your name. Considering how much time it entails, one solution includes hiring a good reputation management firm. Your personal PR should be escalated before anyone can delve into name warfare.