The Copa Star Hospital is a new type of hospital that recently opened in Copacabana, Brazil. It is part of the Rede D’Or São Luiz Brazilian hospital network and meshes the experience of staying at a five-star hotel with the highest level of quality medical care. The Copa Star has the latest in medical technology including smart surgical rooms with robotics incorporated into them, hybrid rooms, neurosurgery rooms, and telemedicine. The hospital performs the types of surgeries that patients used to have to be flown into other cities in the country to have performed.

Patients at the Copa Star are provided with tablets which have specialty apps installed on them. These apps let patients video conference with their doctors as well as review their medical charts. They can also contact a nurse using an app and request their help or attention. Another app allows patients to use the autonomous features built into their suites such as adjusting their beds, changing the light level, and raising and lowering their rooms curtains from the comfort of their bed.

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Adding to the comfort levels of the hospital, the Copa Star has an olfactory system incorporated into the building that provides fresh, scented air. There are also pieces of art throughout the hospital that were created by acclaimed Japanese artist Yutaka. The hospital also features a high-end restaurant that provides food to both the patients at the hospital and their guests. The Hospital Copa Star is also designed to be discreet with a private entrance and exit so that patients can come and go without being recognized.

The medical staff comprises 113 physicians with a large gamut of specialties. There is a total of 550 professionals working at the Copa Star, all of whom have been highly trained including two months of intense training before the hospital opened. The Founder of Rede D’Or São Luiz, Cardiologist Jorge Moll, has said that the Copa Star fills a gap that existed in the city of Rio de Janeiro which needed a hospital that served private clients who have premium insurance plans and who needed excellent medical care. Read more at about Copa Star.