The economy is constantly changing with new policies and laws coming from various politicians. Newark Mayor Ras Baraka has been altering some of the economic freedoms of the citizens. Chief Financial Officer Kevin Seawright was asked some questions about the state of the Newark economy and what could be changed for the better.

Newark Community EDC,originally known as Brick City Development Corp, has picked up a new name and location. Mr. Seawright has been brainstorming new ideas to help the entire city. To get the economy advancing even further he is pushing small businesses to grow and expand helping out the economy. This not only impacts the downtown area, but smaller city extensions as well. Newark Community EDC has participated in various clothing and accessories markets. All of the locations in this markets has received a small loan from the company.

Seawright’s company decided to change its name to Newark CEDC because it is in the re-branding process. Newark CEDC is working spending more time working with the community.

Kevin Seawright serves as Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. He has been working with Newark since September 2014. It is a challenge to start a business and become successful in as short time as possible. Newark CEDC partners with smaller businesses that need more money to survive. You could classify the company as a full time loan specialist.

One financial specialist for the company is Lexi. She spends time finding that can improve with money. Not everyone will be guaranteed a loan. Only those that have a valid business plan.

Newark and each client have to share the same goals regarding funding, taxes, and credit reporting. Newark CEDC is currently working alongside many companies so they can offer funding. If anyone reaches out with a good plan, they will likely get help.

Any business that is planning on partnering with Newark CEDC has to be operating in the Newark area. The company is not currently accepting applications in other areas. The biggest asset going for them is great staff working long hours. Seawright and his crew are always working diligently.

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