In reference to an article posted on Dr. Holterman’s blog, ADA recently announced an initiative to address the rising cases of type 2 diabetes in kids and teens. The organization developed an initiative known as Camp PowerUp that emancipates the youth on the healthy foods to consume. ADA conceptualized camp PowerUp in partnership with the Los Angeles Children’s Hospital. The initiative relies on an evidence-based curriculum to educate young people on type 2 diabetes.


Camp PowerUp targets youths and teens between the ages of 8 and 16. It was set to feature after-school programs and day camps. The American Diabetes Association is hopeful that this new strategy will help in reducing the cases of children who have type 2 diabetes.

The United States Congress passes a health act


In 2016 when Former US President Obama was still in power, the US Congress passed a motion on health matters ( The motion was aimed at helping chronically-ill patients benefit from the fast-tracking of medical devices and drugs. The former president signed the legislation for it takes effect immediately.


The legislation also addressed the $2 billion funding that was to be used in fighting the opioid epidemic in the US. The new act covers more about the FDA’s most recent policy of involving patients in drug approval processes. It was applauded by members of organizations such as the Alliance for Regenerative Medicine and the World Stem Cell Summit.


About Dr. Mark Holterman


Dr. Mark Holterman is a surgery and pediatrics lecturer at the University of Illinois’ College of Medicine. He uses the knowledge, which he acquired from the University of Virginia when he pursued an MD course, to reach his students. Besides his lecturing career, he is part of the American Diabetes Association. He became a member of the professional association after his research efforts, themed on chronic diseases such as diabetes, were critically-acclaimed.


Dr. Mark Holterman is also a celebrated medical researcher who currently serves in the CEO position at Mariam Global Health. His work at the health institution involves developing the leadership and professional teams. He also oversees Mariam’s strategic planning endeavors and partnerships with other institutions.

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