The good news is, hedge fund assets grew by $8.8 billion during the first half of 2016, but the downside is, the industry experienced more redemption than any year since 2009, according to James Dondero, the Chief Executive Officer of Dallas-based Highland Capital Management. Many investors are disappointed with hedge fund returns, and they are pulling money out of funds and investing it in other assets that don’t cost as much. Hedge fund fees and commissions are driving investors away, and Dondero is well aware of the situation. But the Highland Capital’s hedge fund is still performing better than most funds, and Dondero is still attracting new limited partners to the Highland Capital fund. One reason for the popularity of the Highland Capital hedge fund is reasonable fees and strong investments. The recent purchase of Argentina Bonds is a good example of the kind of returns Highland Capital is producing. The Argentina bonds that were purchased in 2014 are producing annual returns of more than 25 percent.

That is one of the reasons Jim Dondero recently added Linda Owen to the Dallas Foundation. The Dallas Foundation is the giving arm of Highland Capital Management. As Director of the foundation, Owen will identify new charitable organizations, and she will maintain a working relationship with the nonprofits that the Dallas Foundation supports every year. Owen will continue to help the Dallas community in other ways as well.

The appointment of Linda Owen takes some of the pressure off of Dondero, and the other executives that are active in the Dallas Foundation. Dondero told that Owen will bring insight and a fresh way of thinking to the organization. Owen’s business experience along with her extensive knowledge of the nonprofit world will help make the decision process run smoother, according to Dondero. The article also mentioned that Linda Owen is honored, and excited, to be part of the Highland Capital executive team.

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  1. Linda Owen comes to the Dallas Foundation from the Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation, and the Dallas Real Estate Council. She is well-known in the Dallas nonprofit world, and she is well respected in the for-profit sector. It is actually a review of custom writing services that is making a lot of folks behave that way at all times.

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