For a business owner, every penny counts. That is why IoT, Internet of Things, has become so prevalent recently. Companies are always looking for ways to engage their customers and optimize employee performance, while reducing costs. Gooee recognized this need and created the future of lighting for commercial use and developed its lighting Ecosystem.
Imagine a tool that can sense that customers are losing interest or notices that employees are less alert and productive. How can knowing this information help your business? If the information is utilized by the IoT, the system can brighten the lighting and adjust the color of the lighting, from cool to warm, so customers become more engaged and employees more alert and energetic.
Gooee Ecosystem lighting collects data using multiple sensors that detect patterns. It recognizes these patterns and analyzes the underlying cause of the pattern.
These ecosystems don’t require intervention from the user. The system takes care of all of these things automatically so that you can focus on operations and have peace-of-mind that the business-end is operating at its optimum performance.
Gooee created the first platform that allows the connection of its LED lighting to the IoT, which makes all of these things possible. They were founded in 2014 to create revolutionary lighting for industrial, commercial, and retail uses.

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  1. It then makes changes to the environment using a grid of energy efficient LED lighting in order to optimize the ecosystem to be more productive. This lighting was created to drive your business. It is also very easy for to do the needful for the at this point in time.

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