George Soros was born in Hungary but fled the country to go to London where he pursued a degree in Economics. Before kicking off his career in Finance, he worked as a waiter and a railway porter. It was thereafter that he shifted to New York and founded Wall Street and his own hedge fund in 1969 worth $12 million. The fund’s name would later change to Quantum Fund. Soros partnered with Stan Druckenmiller in 1992 in shorting the British pound from which he got not only a substantial amount of profit but also fame around the world. Currently, George is still doing well in business with the Soros Fund Management, which is worth $30 billion. In attempt to run his investment portfolio, George employed Dawn Fitzpatrick, a much respected woman in business, to serve as the Chief Investment Officer. This information about George Soros can be found in the Forbes profile of George Soros at

With the nationalist politicians putting him and his fortune in sight, George Soros, who is now past eighty years, is back on the forefront of the current ideological struggle. The nationalist men have also laid blockade to the liberal democratic structure, which was much successful during the cold war. George has vast experience in such battles, having suffered against authoritarianism throughout his life: such battles include the pro-Nazi Hungarian regime during the time he was born. After moving to America, where he made his riches, Soros feared about his initiative to equip universities and colleges with copy machines. After that, it was only obvious that George Soros would want to be high flying, with involvement in the Warsaw Pact and ex-USSR. Recent reports from unnamed sources show that George Soros might be the man behind the funding of any recent coups and revolutions. To get more insight on the contributions of George Soros, you can get information from

George’s voice in the politics of US has been well heard as the man has funneled millions in the Democratic Party through the Open Society Foundations, and as well famously opposes the Donald Trump presidency. Although it might feel different in several divides of the political US, one can easily say and conclude that George Soros is a well-respected and esteemed man in the US. However, things have even been made difficult for him in his inborn country Hungary with the prime minister so doubting George’s intentions and influence. However, George has proved time and again that he is only looking forward to improving the country. In support to that, he gave a much needed $500 million to be used to address the needs of refuges, migrants and the needy host communities.

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