Soros’ Contribution in This Election

George Soros and most liberals who contributed to the Clinton campaign were quite shocked by the results. For a while now, Mr Soros had toned down his contributions to elections, but he came back in a big way in the recent election.

In the concluded election, Soros donated about $25 million to the Clinton campaign. Those close to him said it was because he had a lot of faith in what Hillary stood for. In addition, he was against Trump, who he viewed as being helpful to Isis by stocking fear about Muslims.

Even before Trump was nominated as the Republican candidate, Soros knew that the stakes were high. For one, the GOP primaries were filled with rhetoric that was against policies passed by Obama.

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Future Strategy

However, since the loss of Hillary Clinton, Soros and other rich liberals have been holding meetings to chart a way forward. The recent meeting was the first major one since the shock defeat. As of now, George Soros and other Democratic Party backers are preparing for a trench war with Trump.

Part of the plan of action appears to be designed to win back some ground in elections that take place in 2017 and 2018.

However, the meeting by Soros and other top donors for the Democratic Party is aimed at reassessing their plan of action. Previously, they had majored on the support of women and minorities. However, this and other issues like climate change do not appear to have had an effect on the presidential results.

The DA club, which Soros help found has been a major contributor to Democrats. Although most of its members reject the notion that it needs to be retooled, there is a consensus that some reassessing is needed.

There are those who fear that the wrong lessons cold be learned from this election in an attempt to retool. For now, the club’s main agenda appears to get voters to come out in larger number. It will only be possible if they can find candidates who inspire voters to vote on Election Day.

However, for that effort to be effective, any sort of finger pointing must be avoided. Most feel that the process should be done slowly and with great care. The focus for George Soros and other members appears to be first, protecting ObamaCare. Other pillars of the Obama presidency also have to be protected. The other primary focus will be state legislatures. Since the Republicans won in a big way, ignoring states legislatures could lead to Conservative leaning policies in most of America.

One of their strategies will be to train Democratic officials on matters of policies in states with Republican leanings. One of the key members to speak at the Soros-led meeting was Rep. Ellison. Many view him as the leader for the DNC. His strong liberal leaning is what has prompted this move.


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  1. Another agenda that Soros and others have is to do everything to thwart Trump’s 100-day plan. They view Mr Trump’s plan as an erosion of all the achievements made by Obama. I think it will be easier for essayrush to get everything they want back on track which is so easy to do and will be coming for while.

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