No one has more influence in getting global “back seat” issues into the mainstream than George Soros and his Open Society Foundations. He has founded and developed a network of organizations, created partner relationships, and projects that assist minority causes in over 100 countries. The type of projects includes assistance to marginal groups of people that are members of the LGBTI community, sex workers, drug users, and Europe’s Roma people just to name a few. George Soros was born in Hungry in 1930 and a survivor of World War 11 including the Nazi invasion and occupation. He and his family were able to secure false papers of their identity and helped other Hungarian Jews in the same plight obtain the same. When the Communist gained control after the war, he moved to London in 1947, to study at the London School of Economics. He earned his way to pay for his education by being a railway porter and as a nightclub waiter until he relocated to the United States in 1957.

He made his fortune by entering the financial world of investments and by 1970 he opened Soros Fund Management, a hedge fund company, that made him one of the most successful investors in America’s history. While in London, George Soros studied the philosophy of Karl Popper. Soros was greatly influenced by the premise of the book Open Society and Its Enemies and the ideology that societies can only thrive when there is democratic governance of the people, freedom of expression as a basic right, and individual rights are considered in all cases of conflict. This philosophic ideology became the Open Society Foundations mission globally.In 1979, his first venture was an educational scholarship program to black South Africans under the apartheid regime.

In the 80’s he provided the Eastern Europian Block with photocopiers to reprint banned literature and texts as well as start a think tank based university.He has been a high profile supporter of same sex marriage and denounced the war on drugs.As opposed as George Soros is to the restriction of individuality that is a basic understanding of Communism governance, he has written about a new fear that addresses extreme individualism considered as Capitalism. He believes that competition may win out over cooperation once again drowning out the voice of the individual and their need to be heard. His foundations are his contribution to a level playing ground so that individual rights of representation are assured.George Soros exemplifies the win-win societal and political theories that promote a sustainable global community. He takes on issues that could lead to a peaceful world and is willing to put his money into causes that could lead to that world.