Jason Hope FuturistJason Hope is a futuristic investor and a philanthropist. Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, Jason will always bet on your idea if he finds it credible enough to disrupt the traditional business landscape. With a Finance degree from Arizona State University and thereafter a master’s in Business Administration from W.P. Carey School of Business, he set out to help others fructify their plans in the area of technology. As an active speaker at several forums, he professes what Internet of things can provide mankind in the future. His predictions as to where the technology is progressing are spot on every single time.

IoT or Internet of Things is a network of interconnected devices (mobile devices and stationary devices like buildings) that contains sensors, actuators, electronics and controlling software’s enabled and interconnected through the internet. The whole gamut of resources helps collect and disperse data as per needs. He has the drive of knowing what the future has in store for humankind and how we can take advantage of it.

Some of Jason Hope’s major contributions to understanding technology are the prediction and trend analysis that he does. This is based on the knowledge he has acquired over the past decades. As a futurist, he is eloquent enough to profess that Internet of Things will soon be a layman’s term.

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Transport could be monitored well and directed because of adequate information that would be available. Home automation would only make life easier for everybody. Jason Hope also predicts that other industries, such as the hospitality industry, would embrace the idea of the internet of things and benefit from the information. Business persons could easily have access to customer data and use it to adapt, adjust their operations and thereby benefit their organization.

Jason, humbly states that he has made it in his career and so advocates giving back to the society. Jason supports a local organization called SENS Foundation not only monetarily but also in day to day activities. SENS Foundation works on anti-aging solutions which concentrate on what Jason believes in and accordingly help prevent a disease from happening when all the rest are concentrating on curing it. Jason Hope is always on the lookout for avenues where he can render support and create opportunities for the welfare of others.

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