Inspiring creativity and using technology to solve the world’s problems are two things that very much can be said about Eric Pulier. Pulier is the founder of many different IT and software companies, and has also been a part of the Clinton Global Initiative. Right now he’s on the Board of Innovators at Xprize, a foundation that gives what they call Xprizes to individuals who can come up with an idea for new technological developments. In addition to computer technology, Pulier has been a part of many environmental and health care programs that he has brought his ideas to the front of.

Pulier had actually started in on computer programming back when he was in high school. He would go to both Harvard and MIT, and graduated with a bachelor’s in English literature from Harvard, while at the same time getting his IT degree from MIT. He went full scale into the computer world by 1991, helping develop programs for an organization called People Doing Things in Los Angeles. His first major software company was Digital Evolution, started in 1994 and eventually changing to US Interactive, LLC. Some years after starting this company, Pulier would found a series of companies that would start using cloud computing platforms in their infrastructure, including Media Platform, Akana, and eventually ServiceMesh.

As part of one Pulier’s philanthropic endeavors, he helped set up a virtual reality and communication system for Starbright World, a children’s health group in 1998. In addition to serving on Bill Clinton’s Global Initiative, he was also asked by the former US president to head up the Bridge to the 21st Century showcase at the 1997 Presidential Technology Exhibition. In this live television event, Pulier took the audience through different products that were going to be used in the future and explained how they would change lives.

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