The tech world is as full of entrepreneurs today as it was a decade ago, but the difference is that it is getting harder and harder to grow and stand out above the rest of the competition. Somehow Eric Pulier has, more often than not, risen completely to the top of the list thanks to his tireless effort and innovative techniques in the industry. Pulier may not be a household name outside of the industry, but he has certainly become a person to watch for any aspiring entrepreneur out there reading this. Eric Pulier’s career is as wide as it is varied and as innovative as it is exciting.


In order to really appreciate how far Eric Pulier has come as an entrepreneur you have to understand his approach to failure and how you overcome it. Pulier points back to one specific moment in his career as a defining one. Pulier states, “I sold a company that I had worked very hard on for years, often making payroll from my own pocket. The risks and late nights were intense.” Pulier goes on to describe how attached to the business he got but that he still opted to sell. However something happened that would change him, “When the acquisition concluded, we found that key promises from the acquirer were not going to be kept and I was heartbroken.” Pulier overcame this problem by leaning on his team and focusing on developing more important relationships going forward.


Eric Pulier has succeeded in large part because he has been open to ideas as they come to him. Often Pulier will let an idea form in the back of his head, slowly letting it germinate from seed until he is ready for it to meet the public. Pulier never rushes a concept but he is also never afraid of approaching them either.Eric Pulier says, “I believe creativity is among the most important ingredients to success.” Pulier suggests that entrepreneurs grow their creativity by reading, “The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat” by the author Oliver Sacks. Upcoming entrepreneurs would do well to focus on this aspect of their work.


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