Jeremy Goldstein making the case for knockout options

Over the past few years, large companies have begun to no longer give their employees stock options. Some companies say they do it to save money. Others are doing it for more complex reasons. There are several issues that have convinced employers that stock options are not worth it. Learn more:¬†   When the stock […]

Sujit Choudhry: Expert in Comparative Law

Comparative law has become more important in recent times as globalization and internationalism continue to spread all over the world. The field is very different from others including international law and legal theory. It has contributed a lot to the understanding and developing of laws in this fields. Comparative law has helped international organizations such […]

Labaton Sucharw Joins Fight Against Securities Violations To Support Whistleblowers

Presenting a case before the SEC with facts about the wrong doings that exist in specific industries may take a lot of time and energy if one is not informed about the way the laws that surround the program work. The SEC Whistleblower Program offers a unique platform on which those with facts about violations […]