The Brown Modelling Agency is the resulting company from the merge of two businesses Wilhelmina Austin and Heyman Talent South. The two firms were the leading agencies in their line of work in Austin, Texas. Wilhelmina Austin had been in operation since 2010, but after it acquired Heyman Talent South, the two companies decided to join their forces.

Mr. Justin Brown, the founder and leader of Wilhelmina Austin, assumed the leading position of the Brown Modeling Agency as its President and Chief Executive Officer. Mr, Justin Brown had had many years of experience in the modeling business even before he established Wilhelmina Austin. Mr. Justine Brown used to do modeling gigs in in college which helped him pay for his tuition and later started working at different modeling agencies at varies of positions in Los Angeles and New York City. After he settled in Austin, Texas, he quickly set up his business and started working towards growth.

Flash forward seventeen years later, the company of Mr. Justin Brown merged with Heyman Talent South becoming the only full service modeling agency in Austin as well as one of the few such organizations in the state of Texas. That creates very little competition for the company, and according to Market Wired, it has already become a leader in its line of work. The Brown Modeling Agency represents men, women, and children and helps them take advantage of opportunities to work with some of the most significant global brands in the industries of fashion, auto, and tech, to name a few. The Brown Modeling Agency has been working with names from the likes of Luis Vuitton, Toyota, Dell, American Express, Lóreal, and many more other local businesses.

The founder of Heyman Talent South is Mr. Michael B. Bonnée. He has been lending his expertise to the merged business as the leader of the theatrical division of the Brown Agency. Mr. Michael B. Bonnée was previously serving as the President of Heyman Talent South. Mr. Michael B. Bonnée is responsible for the growth of the modeling talent. The role is very suitable for him as he ha had many years of experience in the field.

The Brown Modeling Agency has its headquarters set up in the city of Austin just like its predecessors had, but it will also have an office in Dallas, and a few other cities later on as the years pass and the business continues to grow. Up to date, the business has been doing well at helping their talent get a foot through the door in the vast world of modeling. The Brown Modeling Agency has had their models on the runway of Fashion Weeks in a number of cities such as New York, Paris, and more.