Sometimes a person comes into his or her own by a drive to do so, but sometimes it happens through experience. Brian Torchin, a veteran of healthcare for some time now, from Pennsylvania that began opening healthcare places in Florida, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. This work made him a well-known recruiter for healthcare the world over. Today, he is the president of Health Care Recruitment Counselors, LLC.

This has extended to Europe and Asia. He began years ago in a chiropractic office of his own, and along with his work to create the best staff possible for his practice, he began the process. His experience paved the way for him. According to Glassdoor, this is how Brian Torchin began. Today he is well known for this ability.

Today his work at Health Care Recruitment Counselors, LLC offers a way for clients to have the very best staff possible for their practice. Just as he had once done for his practice, he was now helping other staff their practices worldwide. Here are the things that they offer specifically for clients.

– chiropractic staffing

– physical therapy staff

– hospital staffing

– background staff investigations

Since beginning this project, he has created a website that offers his services and gives tips for medical practices on how to find and employ the best staff for their practices.

Some of the best tips are those that offer a way to check on the “customer friendly” qualities of their practice. Because a medical practice of any kind is based on serving the patients with the highest level of care, they are required to always behave in that manner. Learn more about Brian Torchin:


The practice offers the very best support for many clients. Some of those clients have given their testimonial about their ability to offer services that make a practice better. Dr. Mayer Green, DC from Consultants of America is one of those leading testimonies. Here are some of the things that they offer that make them the best in their field.

– They offer a 48 hour turnaround time in staffing.

– They efficiently evaluate the staff prior to this choice.

– They provide a full background investigation of all potential applicants.