Amicus Therapeutics, Inc. is a United States-based biopharmaceutical company that works in New Jersey. For the company, they have always sustained their business through good business strategies that are aimed at satisfying the needs of their clients. This is perhaps the reason why their services and products are adopted on a massive scale. In 2007, Amicus Therapeutics, Inc. went public under the FOLD trading symbol of NASDAQ. This action was also followed in 2006 when it was assimilated for better business in a manner that is not capacitated in the business world. This meant that they accept their business deals for a better revolutionary management solution. Amicus Therapeutics, Inc. now has a new trading symbol of AMTX.


Before they founded their IPO, Amicus Therapeutics, Inc. received a good amount of funding from various funding ventures including the Radius Ventures, New Enterprise Associates, and Canaan Ventures. The many treatment foci of the Amicus Therapeutics, Inc. is in the rare and orphan diseases. Some of these diseases include the lysosomal storage diseases. One of the most sophisticated capabilities Amicus Therapeutics, Inc. uses to treat their patients is the Chaperone-Advanced Treatment Therapy. In 2014, Amicus Therapeutics, Inc. was noted to have a wide range of pharmacological chaperones in the business industry (


In 2014, the company had no marketed products. This is because they had one of the most disadvantageous capability to enact working solutions in the business world. This is because the company was assimilated for better business solutions in a manner that specializes their entities (Crunchbase). Because they wanted to make their business parallel to other companies, they enacted a collaboration deal with the Glaxo SmithKline Company based in the United States.


This was aimed at investigating their alpha-galactosidase assimilation process that improves the lives of patients after the therapy is conducted on them. This collaboration lasted for more than three years of professional excellence when the two companies decided to stay apart in business. Because Amicus Therapeutics, Inc. has no manufacturing capability, they are now relying on the contract manufacturing. In 2008, they expanded to the San Diego research site from the single site in New Jersey.

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