Norman Pattiz has played key roles in the broadcasting industry having founded a radio station and a broad casting site as well. He is the founder of Westwood radio station which is one of the largest American radio networks. It deals with a number of items which include: entertainment, sports, news and traffic programming to the entire broadcasting network. The Westwood One station broadcasts a variety of news from different sources such as CNN News, NBC radio networks, CNN Radio and NFL football among others.



Norman Pattiz has always been active in the continuous improvement of his broadcast station to ensure that he stays ahead of the developments in the industry. It is for this reason that he has made a name in the industry. His efforts are made evident by the recent podcast that he introduced; Podcast One and pod cast sales that are leading in marketing and sales in the industry. Due to his involvement and success in the field, he was appointed by President Clinton in the year 2010 to serve in the broadcasting board of governors of America. His good performance and success also led to his reappointment by President George Bush. Just last month, Norman Pattiz launched “Beyond the darkness” which is the most recent Jericho network program.



The podcast is under the Podcast one umbrella and features Chris Jericho. It will involve enlightening and entertaining dialogues with renowned researchers. It will also dive into the most mysterious aspects of the myths about ghosts and other alien features. Its aim is to shed light on these aspects to bring clarity to the viewers. He launched the program with enthusiasm noting that Chris has done good work and is one of the key elements in the Podcast one network. He reveals that he believed that the Jericho network would evolve in other sectors besides the wrestling sessions. It is for this reason that he is proud to announce the launch of the new industry stating that the move will give them more audience .The audience will increase due to the important program being incorporated as part of the Jericho program network.



Beyond the darkness will be one of the programs where Chris takes a lead after having introduced the comedians previously. In response to the launch of the program, Chris expressed his tension in the new program but was glad that the audience trusted his anchors. He also hoped that the program will increase the audience of Jericho Network. Based on Norman’s involvement in the broadcasting industry and having served as the chief executive officer at Westwood; it is to the best of my knowledge that he has the best interest at heart in launching the program. It will be a big success to the company.

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