Ronald Fowlkes is a man who knows all about the term precision. He has served his country in the Marines and knows how to be a leader of men on the field. Ronald was also a SWAT Team leader and graduated from the Army Jump School. While he was in the Marine Corps he used equipment from a company called First Spear. He sais the equipment worked very well under rigorous conditions and wanted to find out more about the product. He found out that all of the First Gear equipment was created in his hometown and he knew instantly that it was the job for him.

Over the years at First Spear, he became the Director of Business Management and became the CEO of the company. He says that the company has many high-level clients and that includes the U.S. military NATO. Ronnie says he wants to make sure that the [products he creates are of the highest quality and make their customer happy> for him that is the bottom line.

Ronnie says that his days are busy and long but worth every minute. He makes sure to spend time with his kids before going to work and checking on things at the office. After he has had a Mountain to start the day he focuses on emails from clients and how orders are progressing. He also makes sure to get in touch with his team and be sure that things are on track for large orders. Ronald Fowlkes says that over a third of his business comes from NATO. Work definitely keeps him busy and that is the way he likes it to be.

He says when it comes to being organized the best thing to do is to write things down. He picked up the habit of writing things down in the Marine Corps where he began to write a journal. He took that skill and simply applied it to the business world. When he writes things down he can prioritize the things that need to be done immediately and then work on things that can wait until later in the day.

Ronald Fowlkes says working in business is not the easiest thing in the world because he had to move his family. He also said that once his children saw how big their new rooms were they were hooked on the new house. One other thing Ronnie likes is watching and writing about hockey. In a recent post, he talked about fighting. It has decreased over the years in favor of scoring more goals. The sport has changed.

Ronnie Fowlkes is living the dream. He is doing what he loves each day and couldn’t ask for more.