Contact an Inmate To Stay In Touch Using Securus

Have you been feeling the impact of not being able to contact your loved one due to them being incarcerated? If so, then you may be able to utilize a program that enables you to keep in touch with the closest of your friends, significant others, or family members. Securus Technologies has been created to serve a […]

FreedomPop Is Keeping Things Simple

FreedomPop is possibly the only company on earth that offers truly free Internet and mobile service. In a FreedomPop review done by PTmoney by Emily Guy Birken, Birken talks about FreedomPop and the revolution that they have caused. When FreedomsPop speaks about free internet and phone service, they are not kidding. FreedomPop is a company […]

The Future of Technology and Eric Pulier

Technology, technology, technology. Everytime someone turns on the television, commercials of technology are on the screen. When you walk down the street, people have technology next to their ears. Even just by starting up your a computer, there is some form of technology powering it. The truth is that technology is running the world. This […]

OSI Group Acquires New Food Companies

OSI Group is an American, privately owned meat-processing company with international offices headquartered in Aurora, Illinois. The company was founded in Chicago, 1909 and by 2016, it had over 20,000 employees. The company has a worldwide reach in food provision. It is involved in supplying food products such as hot dogs, meat patties, fish, bacon, […]