Flavio Maluf: True Businessman

Much is heard about the Brazilian and world economic crisis, but what many do not know is that even in the middle of the crisis, the luxury market is growing. The executive of Eucatex, Flavio Maluf, points out that the luxury market comprises not only the purchase of goods such as cars, watches, jewelry, clothes […]

WiFi Of The Future!

The FreedomPop Experience! FreedomPop may just be the greatest alternative to mobile plans of all time. The service is perfect for those on a budget. It provides cheap and reliable WiFi. Wait a minute, why WiFi and not mobile date? Well, the answer is simple with the over 10 million and counting hotspot to connect […]

How Kevin Seawright is Helping the Newark Economy

The economy is constantly changing with new policies and laws coming from various politicians. Newark Mayor Ras Baraka has been altering some of the economic freedoms of the citizens. Chief Financial Officer Kevin Seawright was asked some questions about the state of the Newark economy and what could be changed for the better. Newark Community […]

The Quincy; Shootings in New Brunswick, NJ

**UPDATE 1/12** The Quincy – Past Shootings, New Updates An apartment complex in New Brunswick, New Jersey called The Quincy, has suffered through a number of incidences throughout the past few years, leaving a few of the residents with injury and without a sense of security. The following is a brief overview of a robbery […]

Bob Reina’s Company, Talk Fusion Is Concerned About Changing Lives

Bob Reina is a highly skilled businessman who has built a video marketing and direct selling company, Talk Fusion. When Reina started this company, he was interested in helping small to midsized businesses use video emails to market their products and retain more customers. But now he’s interested in changing lives through helping charities with […]

Sujit Choudhry: Expert in Comparative Law

Comparative law has become more important in recent times as globalization and internationalism continue to spread all over the world. The field is very different from others including international law and legal theory. It has contributed a lot to the understanding and developing of laws in this fields. Comparative law has helped international organizations such […]