The Academy of Art University has dazzled the world yet again, or at least Skylight Clarkson Square. Not long ago, in September of 2017, they displayed their newest runway showcase. This was their 21st showcase, so feel free to crack open the champaign to celebrate. The newest fashion designers graduates made their entries into this show. They displayed a wide variety of tastes, styles, and motives. There were 7 collections all told, with 10 participating designers. It included both women’s and men’s fashions.

The Academy of Art University has a long history in San Francisco. It was founded a century ago, back in 1929. Back then it was know as the Academy of Advertising Art. The founder, one Richard S. Stevens, edited and painted for a magazine. The Stevens have run the Academy for 3 generations, changing from father, to son, then to daughter. Elisa Stephens, the current president, took her place in 1992.

She has overseen the largest period of growth the Academy has enjoyed. When she first started the academy had roughly 2000 students. Nowadays, with nearly 300 full time staff and almost 1200 part time staff, the University teaches just over 12,000 students. These students are a diverse bunch drawing from all over the country and even the world. Many online students also attend classes over the Internet.

The Academy of Art University now offers many accredited degrees and even has it’s own varsity sports teams. The nearly 25 associate’s and master’s degrees cover subjects ranging from architecture and the Fine Arts. It’s teams, the Urban Knights, include many sports from basketball to outdoor track. They play in the NCAA Division II and their members have taken home many awards and championships over the years.

Thousands of students get to enjoy the warm weather while pursuing a great education. These young adults will help to shape the future of fashion and art the world over.