Todd Lubar’s analysis of smart home technology

The pace of the world’s movement is an indication of positive development. There have been technological inventions which can help the society in a way it has never been seen before. In a report by Geeks News, the smart home technology is a type which helps people to operate their homes using a remote. The technology has been embraced in several places in Baltimore where people can control their homes using remotes. The benefits of the smart house technology have already been seen in different places. Lubar gives an example of Todd Stabelfeldt who is an accident victim. After injuring his spinal cord, he could no longer make movements, and for this reason, he has directly benefited from the smart technology. Todd can control his garage doors, his house doors, and windows without any struggles. Smart house technology is the future of the world. There are certain challenges that Todd Lubar poses on this technology, but their effects can be countered if more sophisticated systems are sought.

The background and career life of Todd Lubar

By 1987, Todd Lubar was already done with his university studies. These years were a bit lucrative since it was easier to land a job immediately after graduation. Todd studied speech communication from the University of Syracuse. He became one of the few graduates who excelled in their studies before getting out for their job hassle.

The employment history of Lubar

After graduating in 1987, Todd Lubar landed his first job. He was employed at the Crestar Mortgage Corporation as an advisor. This is one of the positions that gave Lubar a milestone based on his exemplary performance. Todd held this position for five years before he quit for a more lucrative position. Later the same year, Todd Lubar landed another job at the Legal Financial Group as an advisor. In his new place of employment, Todd had an opportunity to talk to different clients. Through this interaction, he gained the knowledge of what the clients need and how to meet their wants. It was through this experience that the entrepreneur started his TDL Global Ventures where it could meet the needs of the clients without an employment limitation.