Madison Street Capital is a leading international investment banking enterprise. The firm was recently chosen to act as the executive financial advisor of ARES Security Corporation. It assisted the company in arranging its subordinated debt investment and minority equity. ARES Security Corporation is based in Vienna. It is a leading security risk management enterprise that has majored in offering comprehensive computer programs that are essential in the end to end security. The recapitalization was provided by Corbel Structured Equity Partners. Madison Street Capital’s Charles Botchway said that he was pleased by the deal that was spearheaded by the firm’s senior managing director, Reginald McGaugh. He also stated that it was a pleasure working with Ben Eazzetta, who is the president of Ares Security. Mr. Botchway appreciated the enterprise for classifying itself and a top provider of top notch security for the most valuable assets across the globe.


Eazzeta was also pleased by the administration of Madison Street Capital for their excellent performance in handling Ares Security’s tasks in 2016. He was satisfied by how the investment banking firm carried out its undertakings from the start. This includes due diligence, evaluations, examinations, and raising capital. Ben also requested Madison Street Capital to assist his firm in finding a reliable financing partner. He believes that the company will have a bright future if it establishes a new capital structure.


The services that will be offered by Corbel will significantly boost the chances of Ares in developing a great equity value. According to Madison Street Capital, this is the best investment path that the firm should take. Corbel has a flexible capital plan, and its partnership is friendly. This will greatly assist the Ares in having an excellent sales momentum. Corbel has a vast network of contacts in the industry, and this will assist the company in developing new markets.


Madison Street Capital has devoted itself to offering its finance services with integrity, excellence, and leadership. The primary solutions that the firm provides include merger and acquisitions, valuations, capital rises, and financial opinions. Its excellent service has assisted businesses such as Ares Security to be successful in the international marketplace. The company considers new markets to be the primary driving force that can help its clients to grow their enterprises and make significant returns. This has played a major role in building the Madison Street Capital reputation. The company has won the trust of its clients due to the professionalism that it displays.

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