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The Quincy Apartment complex lies near the Raritan River, New Street and Liberty Street in New Brunswick. Unfortunately for the residents living there, is has become something of a nightmare with several situations that have happened over the years. Most of what occurs at the complex is shooting crimes and theft, illegal guns found, and it has left many people injured. The security of the area is poor, and the police have their work cut out for them, answering domestic disputes and shooting called.

On May 7, 2013 a pizza man was called to deliver a pizza to the Northern building, part of Quincy Circle, which has over 200 units. After questioning residents, the pizza man was going back to his car as no one claimed the pizza order. While returning to his car, three men were waiting for him and they were carrying weapons. They robbed the pizza man of his money, the pizza, and shot him, afterwards driving off. Through cell phone information a suspect was found and he was charged with giving wrong information, robbery, unlawful possession of a weapon, and obstruction of justice. Later in the evening, someone who was wounded went to Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital and that person is believed to be another victim of the gunshots.

In October of 2015, there was a shooting reported where at least one person was injured at the New Brunswick Apartments, in New Jersey. This area is a hot spot for robberies that occur there from time to time. The crime was committed by a gangster where there was about four shootings leaving one person with a minor injury. The injured individual was driven to the hospital, and police believe that the driver was the suspect. The police had to return to the New Brunswick Apartments after more bullets were found and further investigation was called for. The police have been to that area often as the Police Chief stated that occurrences such as these are all too common.

It makes it difficult for residents of this area to live their lives as normally as possible when crime is an almost daily happening. Police have had to keep a close watch over the area as some residents are not trustworthy enough to do the right thing.

The Quincy is an apartment’s compound that is found in New Brunswick, NJ. It is located near the Raritan River, Liberty Street and the New Street bound it. Several incidences have happened in this complex over the years that make the place insecure and inconvenient to live in. Most of the incidences include theft and shooting crimes, which have left many people injured due to possession of illegal weapons, which is a bad outlook for the residents. The article gives an account of some of these incidences.


The shooting crime reported on Oct 7, 2015, where at least one person was injured at New Brunswick Apartments. This place has been named a crime hotspot due to the many robbery occurrences happening from time to time. The crime carried out by one gangster where around four shootings were heard leaving one person with a minor injury and was driven to the hospital. The same person who drove him to the hospital is said to be the suspect. The police were summoned back to the compound after more bullets were found and they had to carry out further investigations. The captain said that such incidences are common in that complex.


Another occurrence involved a pizza deliveryman on May 7, 2013. The man was shot when delivering pizza at the Northern building in Quincy Circle, which has more than 200 units. The residents told him that no pizza had been ordered and on going back to his car, he found the gunmen waiting for him. They robbed him off him money and pizza, shot him and drove off. Later, an ordinary street guy was linked to the case through cell phone information. He was charged with robbery, obstruction of justice, unlawful possession of the weapon and giving wrong information. Later a wounded person walked into the Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, and he was believed to have been a victim of the gunshots.


There have been other incidences of shootings due to domestic quarrels, which make it a poor neighborhood to reside. Two people were also reported to be in critical conditions after shootings around New Brunswick City. The security level is not okay as many armed men are living in the area.


Police said that similar cases are very common in this field and some incidences, women call to order pizza just to put the delivery persons in a trap. Some of the residents in this neighborhood are not trustworthy, but the police are keeping a close watch on the Quincy.

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