Goettl Air Conditioning is a well-known name in the desert Southwest as it was established in 1932 by brothers Adam and Gust. They were the first to introduce the processes of evaporative cooling and refrigerated air conditioning to desert dwellers in the area and the lifestyles of the populace were changed for the better.

Goettl has serviced over five generations of families from the beginning of the company and the firm is located in Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona, Las Vegas Nevada, and in Southern California. Over the years Goettl has been known for its outstanding customer service and fair prices.

However, in the nineties the company was purchased by a large national management company and things began to go downhill in a hurry. Customers were not being taken care of and employees were beginning to have some serious morale problems. Things were not heading in the right direction at all.

In 2013 Ken Goodrich purchased Goettl and it was a just in time situation. Goodrich was a specialist in company revival, as he has spent his entire business career turning failing companies around. At Goettl he found profits were going down and chaos and disenchantment among customers and employees were on the rise.

Goodrich immediately employed personal visits both with employees and customers and made the focus of the company to be helping customers the priority. Big companies tend to focus on the bottom line at the expense of customers and Goodrich turned that dynamic around in a hurry. Check out bbb.org to see more.

With the push by Goodrich company revenue rebounded from near disaster to a hefty $50 million.

Another move Goodrich initiated was the acquisition of Walton Heating and Air in Southern California. Goettl has always been focused on residential sales and service, and never did much in the commercial HVAC field. Walton, on the other hand has specialized primarily in the commercial HVAC area. The pairing of the two skills was a match made in heaven, as stated by BizJournals.

Todd Longbrake, the former owner of Walton’s pointed out that he had done everything possible to continue growing the company, but that effort had reached its limit as far as he was able to accomplish. Since the acquisition, the Southern California branch has experienced tenfold growth.

Goodrich retained Longbrake and made him Company Sales Manager. Goodrich went on to say that Longbreak quickly established himself as a leader with his vast knowledge and ability. Both sides of the equation came into play making the sum of the total much greater than they were before the merger.