Finding the right investing insight is a lot like finding a needle in a haystack. One investing guru, however, is helping thousands of investors navigate the market and find opportunities that others may overlook. That investing guru, Ted Bauman, has become the go-to expert on everything in the investing world.

So who exactly is Ted Bauman? Mr. Bauman is the editor of The Bauman Letter which is published by Bayan Hill Publishing. In his newsletter, Mr. Bauman helps investors with information on everything from asset protection to low-risk investment strategies. In addition to The Bauman Letter, Ted Bauman is also the editor of Plan B Club and Alpha Stock Alerts. For those would like to sample Mr. Bauman writings and insight, Ted Bauman also writes a free newsletter known as The Sovereign Investor Daily.

In a recent interview in Ideamench, Mr. Bauman talked about his typical working day. Since Mr. Bauman writes from home, he is able to quickly get to work and bring his ideas and discoveries to his writers with little time to waste. When asked about how he gets his ideas, Mr. Bauman said that he likes to take mundane topics like finance and find an exciting way to express his ideas in order to engage more readers.

When asked which trend excites him at the moment, Mr. Bauman answered that he is particularly excited about is the idea that people are questioning the structure of the economy. Right now, Mr. Bauman explains, people are questioning whether it is prudent for governments to accommodate large businesses at the expense of small businesses and individual workers. This insight has helped Mr. Bauman understand where the market is headed and helps him express this trend to his readers.

Ted Bauman is one of the rare investing experts who is able to take complex ideas and trends and translate them for the everyday reader. With his four newsletters, Ted Bauman covers just about every aspect of the investing world. As the markets continue to rise and fall, Ted Bauman will be the beacon that will help investors find their way around the investing world.

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