Establish in 2007 by its founder and CEO Bob Reina, Talk Fusion is a global business powered by groundbreaking video marketing products to shape the way people all over the world communicate with each other. The company’s vision is to help people move forward on their own terms and empower people to pursue their dreams. The founder Bob Reina aids people through charity by funding those who have a dream they want to pursue and providing the resources for people to connect with others worldwide at a cost that can’t be beaten. Talk Fusion’s ultimate vision is to change the way people communicate with each other anywhere around the world with the use of state-of-the-art technology that is simple for all to use.

Talk Fusion has several products, such as social networking, broadcasting, and video conference to help connect businesses with their clients in a formal fashion. The company has also made it possible to link videos to an email, which has made quite an impression on most of its customers. Just recently added during the beginning of the year, Talk Fusion has added a new Product Dashboard designed for Talk Fusion’s Video Suite, Talk Fusion’s version of FaceTime. Bob Reina’s company is changing the way people communicate and connect with each other by providing the tools for the future of communication.

Bob Reina’s goal is to keep Talk Fusion as affordable and accessible as possible for its consumers. For a basic service, there is a one-time fee of $175 and customers are billed $20 every month afterward. The next service package that provides its customer with more services will cost $375, with more customizable features, more accounts, and video time of up to 10 minutes long.

Talk Fusion has made much expansion over the years since it has been created, adding a new online training program referred to as Talk Fusion University, a private viral hub where associates can get expect training from the CEO himself. Reina’s training is a step-by-step video that exposes Talk Fusion’s award-winning products and business opportunity to those who are interested. This training program by Reina’s words is designed “to help people around the world go from being ‘average’ to being ‘extraordinary’.”

Talk Fusion’s aim is to brand loyalty, improve customer relationships, and reduce ad cost through advanced video communication technology.  Learn more: