Sussex Healthcare is healthcare company in the United Kingdom which provides healthcare support to the vulnerable groups in the society. Sussex Healthcare has facilities that accommodate the needs of patients who have various ailments. Most of the case they handle are people who suffer from age or disability ailments. Sussex Healthcare on their part has created an environment that will ensure the patients enjoy the best services. The staff in the company are professionals who know the needs of the people and strive to give them the best healthcare services. The staff in the company are trained on offering the best medical care to their patients. They know the latest techniques of caregiving to asset their patients improve their health.

Sussex Healthcare deals with the needs of the people suffering from physical disabilities, Dementia, Alzheimer’s, learning disabilities, neurological disorders and the elderly. These groups of people get comprehensive care from the staff at Sussex to help them live a comfortable life. Sussex Healthcare’s goal is to give a multi-level treatment to their patients to help them deal with emotional, physical, emotional and mental health. Sussex healthcare goes beyond just the medical treatment; they deal with other aspects of social life to give the patients a good living environment. According to Sussex, lack of disease does not automatically mean a healthy body. So, when they provide their services, they are not just looking at providing medical treatment alone. Their programs are designed to include exercises and diet. Patients who would like to enhance their developmental abilities are taken through programs which facilitate the development of their learning abilities.


Sussex Healthcare has 20 homes where they have installed equipment necessary to provide necessary care to the patients. They have also constructed their homes in such a way that anyone who stays in them will enjoy life from the cool environments they have. The staff in the medical facilities are also trained on how to deal with the individual needs of each client. The staff in the homes comprise of trained nurses who have spent time in medical care facilities.

Sussex Healthcare has appointed a new CEO who will help them boost the services they provide to their patients. Amanda Morgan-Taylor is the new CEO who has been appointed due to her experience in the healthcare industry. Amanda Morgan Taylor comes with three decades experience. She has previously worked with organizations that needed restructuring as a way of reinventing themselves.