Mobile phones are ubiquitous across the United States. Only the very rare individual does not have a mobile phone of some sort. What members of the general public may not be aware of is how frequently mobile phones are smuggled into correctional facilities in the United States. Even if there is some awareness of the volume of mobile phones illegally brought into correctional facilities, there is not necessarily a clear understanding of how dangerous these devices can be in the hands of inmates. The story of former Florida correctional officer Robert Johnson.


During the normal course of his day at the correctional facility, Johnson came upon a box containing about $50,000 in illegal contraband intended to be placed in the hands of inmates. His efforts prevented the introduction of this contraband into the facility, which would have been a major security breach.


Sadly, the story of Robert Johnson did not end with the interdiction. Rather, the inmate behind the introduction of the contraband into the facility was not to be outdone. The inmate had possession of an illegal mobile phone.


By using the illegal mobile phone, the inmate was able to have a hit placed on CO Johnson. The inmate ordered a fellow gang member in the outside world to shoot and kill Johnson.


While getting ready for work one morning after thwarting the introduction of the box of contraband into the correctional facility, the hitman broke into Johnson’s home. Johnson was shot multiple times and nearly died.


Since this horrible event, Johnson has made it his mission to educated people on how dangerous mobile phones are in correctional institutions. He fights to prevent the flow of mobile devices into jails and prisons.


Securus Technologies is the industry leader in technology designed to prevent the introduction of mobiled phones into correctional facilities. Securus Technologies developed wireless containment systems designed to find mobile devices illegally brought into a correctional facility.


Recently, Securus Technologies conducted research to determine how serious the issue of illegal mobile phones in correctional facilities is at this time Securus Technologies learned that over a year time period, Securus Technologies wireless containment systems prevented 1.7 million illegal communication attempts in eight correctional facilities in the United States.


Securus Technologies is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, and currently serves the needs of approximately 3,450 public safety, law enforcement, and corrections agencies as well as over 1,200,000 inmates located across the United States and Canada. The company has set itself ahead of the industry pack when it comes to providing its clientele with what is considered to be a full suite of civil and criminal justice technology, services, and solutions. The company is committed to enhancing correctional institution security and community safety through its products and services.