The United States has always been a land of opportunity for immigrants. In fact, the overwhelming majority of people here are descendants of immigrants. Ellis Island figures prominently in the minds of many. Millions of Irish and German citizens arrived through its ports during times of hardship in Europe. Citizens from China flooded the Pacific coast looking for opportunities building railroads in the United States. Norka Luque has been the latest in a line of many successful international citizens finding prosperity.


¬†Norka Luque discovered her love of music at a young age. She would constantly sing in the shower, sing along to songs on the radio, and perform in front of family and friends. Her childhood serves as the inspiration for many of her songs. He goal is to fill people’s ears with positive messages full of hope. Her love of music doesn’t mean she doesn’t have other interests. She received a degree in Business Administration while studying culinary arts, fashion, and marketing in France. While overseas, she found an opportunity to join a band. This was an important connection because it allowed her to keep her music dreams alive.


Her skills remained sharp until she met Emilio Estefan Jr. This prolific force in the entertainment industry realized that she had pure talent. He worked hard to make Norka Luque’s dreams come true. With him at the helm, Norka Luque began to sing professionally. She repeatedly thanked Emilio Estefan for taking an interest in her music. She calls him a testament to her faith that the universe rewards hard work by making dreams come true.


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