The Internet of Things is the future of that there is no doubt, according to tech futurist and entrepreneur Jason Hope. Hope has been one of the leading voices in the tech industry when it comes to the evolutionary technology and concept behind the Internet of Things (IoT).

If you’ve never heard of the IoT then a short introduction should do the trick. Imagine that all of life was connected via the internet through digital interfacing. Your refrigerator can be accessed by your smart phone, your car can be accessed by your laptop and so on. This is the Internet of Things. To Jason Hope, the IoT is the future.

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Hope has been writing extensively on the subject of the IoT on various industry websites and blogs. It is his belief that, right now, the Internet of Things is a viable way to get in on the ground floor of something that is going to fundamentally change the world. Right now the IoT is considered more of a niche subject, an interesting demo with potential. However, in a few years it is Hope’s belief that the IoT will be a way of life. Jason Hope believes that large corporations will begin to invest in the IoT in ways that stimulate their growth and that of the economy.

Embracing smart technology, from the perspective of Hope’s futurist background, is an obvious decision. Smart technology is going to transform the world, eliminate waste, and bring together a connection that has never been seen before.

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