The sale of products through e-commerce websites has been an emerging business trend in the past one decade. The sector has been dominated by pioneer companies such as Amazon, which sells a broad array of products. About 20 percent of the shoppers who buy clothes online prefer Amazon. Another firm that is dominating the online fashion business is Fabletics. It was established in 2013, and its founders are Kate Hudson, Don Ressler, and Adam Goldenberg. The firm has quickly developed into a profitable enterprise that is valued at more than $250 million.It has specialized in the manufacture of athleisure wear products for women. Fabletics ensures that it makes products that are trendy, durable, and comfortable. Athleisure wear can be worn as casual clothing or to the gym. Their designs make individuals feel more active than when wearing regular clothes


The firm has excellent marketing plans that allow it to reach a huge portion of the target clients. It developed subscription packages that have enabled its popularity to rise every day. Fabletics also has brick and mortar stores that allow more people to access its products. The company currently has 18 physical shops, and it is determined to increase them to 30 by mid-2017. Its new stores will be located in Hawaii, California, and Illinois.


Fabletics has developed a wide customer base due to the convenience of its membership plans. Its online shop boasts of more than one million subscribers. The company offers various customized products at a half the price that is charged by other businesses. The athleisure wear clothing line uses a tactic that is known as reverse showrooming. The plan enables it to interact with people who browse for its products on its website. It invites online shoppers to buy products from it physical shops. Interacting with the clients assists the firm to develop long-term relationships with them.


Kate Hudson’s company uses online data in developing retailing strategies. It determines the type of clothes that it stocks by using sentiments that are made by people on various social media platforms, customer preferences, and its experience with the clients. These factors assist Fabletics in determining the products that it stocks. New clients are given a short survey that they take before subscribing to the company’s services. Stylists use the information that they offer in deciding the products that are right for them. The company is devoted to making sure that clients have the best shopping experience.


Hudson has an excellent fashion taste and is committed to offering athleisure wear that is trendy, stylish, and sexy to all women in the United States. Her company manufactures products such as sportswear, hoodies, bras, and other accessories. All its products are very affordable. The design of its website is user-friendly, and clients do not face difficulties when signing up. It offers both VIP and regular membership. Everyone who has subscribed as its member receives a special discount whether she buys products from the online shop or the brick and mortar stores.