In 2009, little orbs resembling Easter eggs, began to appear on the drug store shelves. EOS lip balm had arrived in all the colors of the rainbow, with flavors to match. EOS is now selling over 1 million lip balms a week, but this stunning success did not come from a vacuum.

In an article posted by Fast Company, EOS co-founder Sanjiv Mehra explains how the product was carefully conceived and then marketed. About 10 years ago, Mehra, who has a long career in packaged goods working for Unilever and Pepsi, got together with start-up experts Jonathan Teller and Craig Dubinsky. They wanted to introduce an innovative product for the beauty aisle. They envisioned something special but also inexpensive enough to be accessible to a wide market. They decided current lip balm products lacked both fun and glamour. At the time, Chapstick and Burt’s Bee’s had the market share of lip balm sales, and the cylindrical tubes and list of ingredients suggested a medicinal rather than cosmetic function.

Mehra and his team knew that most buyers of lip balm were young women. So, they set out to design a product that would appeal to the hip millennial female. They decided on the orb shape because it was attractive to look at, easy to find in a handbag, and fun to hold. They chose a palate of soft pretty colors and came up with appealing scents and flavors, They decided to use organic ingredients which they knew would make their product more appealing to their target consumers. Even so it was hard for them to initially break into the Well drugstore market. Eventually they got a break when one female Walgreen’s buyer really loved the balm and the other major chains followed. EOS lip balm sales were also bolstered by a successful social medial campaign on Facebook which targeted millennial women.

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