Fabletics understands that their customers want transparent and honest marketing. Shoppers are no longer influenced to buy solely on gimmick advertising. This fashion-forward athletic company knows that if they can utilize the crowd’s opinion in their marketing strategies, they can increase the chances of dramatically boosting their sales. Fabletics utilizes crowd leverage to entice customers to purchase their product. The company posts real customer reviews where potential customers can access them. Today’s saavy shopper wants to know what other consumers think about the product that they are considering for purchase. It would seem that this translucent sales strategy works.


Since 2013, Fabletics has grown upwards of an astonishing 200%. This is almost unheard of in the business world. This innovative company now has revenue worth a whopping $235 million. Fabletics understands their customer’s reluctance to trust in generalized sales promises. Instead, Fabletics promotes their rave customer reviews to further describe the benefits of their finer athletic wear. This strategy is paying off dramatically. Consumers appear to be more willing to trust another peer consumer’s word on their experience with Fabletics. Like peer pressure, consumer crowd pressure is proving to be a major factor in selecting purchases. Smart businesses are incorporating customer input into their sales approach.


Kate Hudson is the face behind Fabletics. She is credited with the overwhelming success of this company’s sales. A recent “Forbe’s Magazine” piece touted Kate’s fashion journey as “Almost Famous to Fabletics.” Indeed, Kate is the ideal candidate to promote this line of women’s high-end athletic gear with extremely reasonable prices. Kate Hudson has a successful career as an actress, and her lifestyle is active. Women can believe that Ms. Hudson wears Fabletics herself, and Kate only delivers products that she fully embraces. Though she doesn’t have a business background, Kate is a natural in the fashion arena. She stays involved with every aspect of the company, and others describe her approach as “hands-on.”


TechStyle Fashion Group, the parent company of Fabletics, noted that there were limited options for women’s leisure/athletic clothing. Most of these boring gray or black garments were way overpriced, and were often of poor quality. Kate Hudson took the realm, and the rest is history. Using her celebrity background, Kate was recently seen on the Red Carpet promoting the, (pop-star sensation), Demi Lovato for Fabletics collection. Fabletics stands for women empowerment, and customers are sold on this athletic-wear line.


Consumers are loving the freedom of Fabletics’ chic athletic/leisure-wear collections. Never have women had this many choices for clothing so comfortable, ladies want to stay in them all day long. Indeed, these garments are so appealing, many women wear them to shop, lounge at home and run errands. These are not the average, and often baggy, sweats that flatter no-one. Fabletics clothing is beautiful, fits perfectly and come in an array of gorgeous colors. Ladies can feel terrific in Fabletics active-wear selections. It is truly freeing for women to wear athleisure clothing that looks spectacular, yet remains luxuriously comfortable.